Why should I add a video with The Real property Video’s

It increases your listing score on P24 in a major way

•Your video will feed through to all your other web pages, including Private Property

•Buyers are more prone to contact the agent with a video on their listing

•It will impress your seller.  It shows that you go the extra mile. 

•It will impress your buyer.  Videos give you a better idea of the layout/position of the property and it is Professional.

•Few agents/agencies acknowledge the importance of property videos.  This gives you a huge advantage in your area. I dare you:  go and have a look on P24 how many agents in your area adds a video to each and every listing).

•Current video options are expensive!  At THE REAL you can afford to add a video to all your listings, even vacant stands without breaking the bank. 

•Simple to upload your video’s to our system:  You just Drop and Drag to a Desktop file on your PC/Laptop.

• Within 24 Hours the agent will receive the link to their video.  Upload to your system and let the magic begin!