Choosing your agent

As a homeowner, you’ve probably been told time and again that using an agent to sell a property is an essential part of the process. What you may not know is exactly why that is, or what you can expect that agent to bring to the table.

An experienced agent should also be able to give you exact details on how, when and where they plan to market your home, what kind of buyers they expect to attract, and what you can do to help the process. This kind of information helps sellers understand what’s going on behind the scenes and relax knowing that their agent is genuinely earning their professional fee.

A good agent’s role begins long before they meet a particular seller. They need to be experts in their area, and the need to know the area and who are the buys and types of properties and what is available in the area. This helps create a foundation of knowledge on which to base sales recommendations like listing prices.

Selecting a real estate agent is all about finding somebody who you are comfortable around and who you can trust. The easiest way to tell that you have the wrong agent is if they make you feel doubtful or uncomfortable in any way.

The advice to buyers or sellers who are questioning whether they have the right agent is to do a little research to discover whether their doubts go beyond just a personal dislike.

The internet has made this such an easy thing to do.

So why list your property with InfoProp:

Know the area

We live and work in the area. Have a passion for the environment and the area we live in. A good knowledge of what is happening in the area through social media and other platforms.

Some of the Facebook social media platforms currently run by ourselves: “Rooiels, Pringle Bay, Bettys Bay Villages” , “Pringle Bay Village” , “Betty’s Bay Village” , “Home In Kleinmond Hangklip” , “Conservation Focus: RooiEls, Pringle Bay, Bettys Bay and Kleinmond” , ” Infoprop Pringle Bay “, “Pringle Bay Festival”.

Know the market

We understand the market and understand that prices can differ from one road to the next. We get to know our buyers and sellers.

Have high ranked listings

We ensure our listings get well ranked on the different platforms and primary list on

We have taken a new approach to marketing through the Covid-19 and this we can discuss with you.

To reduce the number of home viewings we have moved our listings to video as well on Facebook, Youtube and property listing sights.


We offer extra value with example are video tours of a home. This helps with getting buyers that are not located locally and are even overseas. Videos also result in sales without even viewing.

Eg of such advert:

Why Commission?

What you don’t know is there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

  • Constant research into market trends
  • Creating of adverts, photos and video
  • Knowing the law around property
  • Constantly watching and changing things to keep the adverts well listed
  • Many hours getting to know buyers so we only bring the ones that would be interested in your property
  • Putting to gather an offer to purchase.
  • Once the offer is accepted by both parties it is then a deed of sale which is not the end for the agent.
  • The process of following up with attorneys, providing information for the sale.
  • And many more

These are some of the reasons why estate agents charge the commission they do. Also you can do this work for many homes and just not get that sale. So look at the commission this way. Pay each agent for the work they are doing on the sale of your property or pay the commission to the agent who made the sale. The costs of all agents marketing is far more than the commission paid to the agent who made the sale. If an agent is not charging the full commission there is something they are not doing. If you offering 4% to the agent and another is offering 7% were would most agents focus their effort. Also by offering 4% you are reducing the money for marketing.

Choosing an agent

So in choosing an agent to market your home. Do they know the area? Do they know the market? How good is their marketing? And will they provide you with everything needed to get your price.

Lastly on that is do they have buyers? They may have all the listings in the area but that does not mean there are buyers.

Please consider InfoProp as an estate agency for marketing your property. We would love to meet face to face so you can get to know us and us you. We have also attached some useful documents to consider when selling your home.

Look forward to hearing from you in the near future. or 082 880 6164